About Us

Deathly Hollows Ink opened its doors on (____), 2020, in the heart of downtown Hamilton, Ontario. Our speciality is creating custom, one of a kind tattoos for our clients, helping them turn their ideas into reality.


We want our home to be your home and we want to bring out the best in our clients. Tattoos are emotional pieces of art that speak many different languages. They tell a story. They bring us back to different places. They are reminders of lessons and moments in time. They symbolize. Tattoos can make us feel emotions and bring us together. They inspire us. We opened our studio to impart beautiful pieces of art to all our clients, to create and recreate memories that never fade away.

We hope to be a part of your story next.

We Hope To Be A Part Of Your Story Next

The Process

We are passionate about creating your dream tattoo. Once you come into our studio or contact us online, we will work with you on a quote for your one of a kind tattoo. We will work with you on design, location, and after care of your tattoo.

All our initial consultations are 100% free and no pressure. We only ask for a deposit once you agree to move forward on a tattoo design. We will work within your budget and timelines to the best of our ability, and promise you will leave our studio completely satisfied (and a new member of our growing family!)

Our Studio

Every client is treated like family here, and every tattoo is crafted with respect and detail. We keep a clean, professional environment and a fun, positive atmosphere.


Every artist who works here is highly experienced with a portfolio to prove it. You will be able to work one on one with our team to design a high quality tattoo as unique as you are. From designing, to location, to caring for your tattoo, we will be here from start to finish.   

Justin Lee

My name is Justin Lee, I am the visionary behind Deathly Hollows Ink. I have been involved in the tattoo industry for the past 10 years and I've always had a deep passion for the art and creativity that goes into tattoos. Each and every tattoo I have on my body may not have the deepest meaning behind it, however each tattoo tells a story and has become part of who I am. I've always dreamt one day I would own a studio of my own to help others tell a story of any aspect of their life with a masterful piece of art. I have always lived by the motto "If you are living your life by someone else's standards you're living life wrong." So chase your dreams at all costs.

About me...first and foremost I am a proud father to my precious daughter, Willow. Family is my top priority so my goal is to create a family atmosphere at Deathly Hollows Ink. Secondly, I am extremely passionate about bodybuilding and the capabilities of the human body, and pushing it to it's limits. Pushing limits is what we strive to do with every tattoo we design for our clients. I want Deathly Hollows Ink to be your home away from home, just like it is for me.

I am looking forward to meeting you when you visit, and greeting you personally.

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