Michelle Anderson

Michelle Anderson

Mom of 3, Born and raised here in Hamilton, Ontario. Michelle started tattooing June 23rd 2019. Michelle in the past has had a passion for working with people with addictions and difficult pasts. When she started tattooing she realized tattooing is very much an unconventional therapy "ink therapy". She has been worked with people who have been in crisis in the past or those who are still in crisis to retrain their brain to utilize tattooing in those detrimental situations. For a plethora of reasons, but the biggest thing is to have something you do not have to feel guilty about tattoos are prettier then scars. Michelle loves working with colours and making your piece's pop as much as possible. She also enjoys the simplistic pieces that come in the spur of the moment. No doubt while you are in her chair she will have a light hand, and a great sense of humor so be prepared to talk and laugh making your sitting that much easier.

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